Early Innings

Our Journey

It began in 2016 when our founder, Jake Simmons, in his senior year in college, was hitting in the batting cage with a brand new pair of your everyday, ordinary, brand-name, expensive pair of batting gloves. Before he even finished his first round of batting practice, his batting gloves ripped! Disappointed in the quality of his gloves, he was determined and passionate to make a better batting glove that was dependable and long-lasting.  
Growing up Jake used work gloves for practice for the simple reason of their long-lasting durability. Not only were the work gloves more comfortable the gloves were less expensive and showed less wear and tear over time.  In finalizing his plans to actually come up with a design, his thoughts were, “Why not incorporate the work glove material into a more aesthetically pleasing batting glove made of durable leather comparable to a work glove- raise and deliver the expectations for the customers looking at: quality, durability, dependability, affordability, and comfort."
After many hours of research and strategic planning with teammates a better batting glove was introduced.  

Be the ONE to stand out in the crowd with style and comfort - make PROSWAY your brand!

Jake Simmons // Founder-Owner & CEO