ProSway Athletes

“With the amount of hitting we do thin batting gloves don’t get the job done. With Prosway gloves, the thickness and durability allows us to only use one or two pairs throughout a 140+ game season."

Ty France, MLB San Diego Padres

“Coming from SDSU, Nike is all we used. Once I got into pro ball, my batting gloves starting to wear out due to pine tar and such. ProSway gloves are the longest lasting gloves I’ve ever used. Durable, and some swag. Can’t get better than that.”
-Alan Trejo, MILB Colorado Rockies

"Before I came on with Prosway, I was going through about a pair of batting glove every few weeks and I had accepted that’s how things were since I took so many swings in the cage and on the field. Since getting my first few pair I’ve only tore a single pair and that’s in the span of a year, and then you add how comfortable they are, there’s no question that they’re the best batting gloves on the market."

-Daniel Barrett , Pecos League

"I’ve worn a ton of batting gloves since i was old enough to understand the reason i wear apparel and PROSWAY gloves look amazing, feel amazing, and add to my confidence every time i step in the box."

-Ronald Jackson, Pecos League

Before pro ball I would use whatever batting gloves I could buy at Dicks. Then once Prosway came around they were the strongest gloves I had used. They were durable, they looked good and I only needed one pair to get me through the season!

-Jake Simpson, Frontier league